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Long Lasting Heatilator

Not only is Heatilator a widely respected brand, but thanks to their long-standing reputation for quality and reliability, Heatilator is also the preferred brand among homebuilders. Homeowners choose Heatilator because they know their products will last a lifetime.



Choose from an assortment of styles and configurations, including some of the most modern designs! To get a quote, just provide us some information using this form, and we'll contact you right away to help design the perfect solution to fit your budget.

Big Apple Fireplace

As an authorized dealer for Heatilator, we are dedicated to helping customers find quality hearth products, from fireplaces of all kinds down to the accessories. We are a trusted reseller in metropolitan New York area with over 30 burning displays in our showroom!

NYC Local

As a long standing member of the local NYC community, we are especially proud of our door-to-door service offered faithfully to our friends and neighbors in Manhattan, Westchester, Southern CT, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk and North Jersey.

Full Service

Our certified technicians deliver, install, and service a wide variety of stoves including most models of Heatilator fireplaces.

Did you know?

In 1927, Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic and Heatilator introduced the first factory-built air-circulating fireplace. The brand name quickly became a household word-the "first name in fireplaces." Even today, many consumers refer to any heat-circulating fireplace as a Heatilator, that is becuase the brand has nearly a hundred years of speaking for itself in terms of quality. Join the hundreds-of-thousands of satisified Heatilator owners in the greater NY area.

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